Christmas Gift Ideas To Save Money - How About Coupons?

Save Money - DIY Gifts 

Most people have at least one or two occasions each month that require gift-giving in one form or another. 

One way is to give your loved ones coupons. Coupons? Did they really say coupons? Yes, we did. Coupons are a way of saying that you love the person and trust them to buy something that's right for them....but don't be a sucker and pay full price when there's thousands of coupon codes floating around on the internet....

These days, thanks to Pinterest and the many DIY blogs online, it's easy to find a way to spend time, not money on your friend's or relatives' gifts. There are so many ideas on the internet that make it a cinch to discover a project that allows you to create a gift from the heart rather than from the credit card.

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When your child needs a birthday gift for a friend, consider crafting a very cute "Super Hero Bank" for his buddy.  All you will need are mason jars and some craft paint that you probably already have around the house. Courtney and Tanner over at A Little Craft in Your Day say these banks are easy to make and a big hit with the boys. If you have a mason jar and some paints, this gift will cost $0.00. Plus you'll be encouraging the young gift receiver to save some of his "allowance" each week.

What if you need a gift for your child to take to his or her teacher to celebrate an upcoming holiday? The Yellow Bliss Road blog has a ton of teacher gift ideas mostly made from things you already have on your crafting shelves. She even has free printables you could use with old barn wood to make a sign your child's teacher could display right on her classroom door.

Let's say your neighbor has helped you with one of your projects and now you would like to give her a little something to let her know how much you appreciated her assistance. The cutest and easiest neighbor gift begins with another one of the mason jars you have in your kitchen. Grab one of the jars and wrap a little twine around the neck of the jar.  Then pick some flowers from your yard; some greenery that is exceptionally attractive; or a wayward succulent in your flower beds, and place them in soil or water you have put in the jar. Make a small card that says: "I'm So Glad You're My Neighbor! You will make a next-door-neighbor very happy with this simple present.

With Pinterest and so many online blogs, you'll find you never have to buy a gift. And, it's so much more fun to do-it-yourself. This is especially true when you realize how much money you have saved by doing it yourself. Be a good mother and friend and save the money you would have spent on an expensive gift for something worthwhile or much-needed.